I pulled off the cap and the inside mold, and the coke exploded all over Dame Alina and the students. Similar shrieks exploded off the other classrooms when Bradley pulled the trigger Connor made him for surprise coke attacks. Dame Alina—Foxfire’s principal—wouldn’t allow him to take ability detecting if she knew he’d already manifested, and Dex kept hoping he’d trigger a “better” talent, even though it was incredibly rare to have more than one ability. Magnate Leto's voice filled the room. kotlc made my future. from the story KOTLC: Sokeefe by CheeseburgerFace with 256 reads. Dame Alina: @That_Kotlc_Nerd Biana: @fluff19 Marella: @sunheartthedeputy Amy: @Watermelon4Shasta Keefe: @yaya_zellinator Mr. Forkle: @JarJarTV Della: @amiedani Jogger: @That_Kotlc_Nerd Dex: @elf_clan_cat Fitz: @uuuuuuuu47 Emery: @Pit_and_Chase Lady Dara: @Watermelon4Shasta Alden: @i_feex_you Bronte: @tankthegermanshepard Sophie's mom: @Emlulu8 Bradley hung the bottle on a spinner high above and stuffed the Mentos in. Read SO MUCH FUN! The sound of his voice felt foreign, taking Dame Alina's place in Foxfire's morning routine. Keefe always seems to find ways to annoy Dame Alina (while she was principal of Foxfire) and many other people. tags: fitz-vacker , ... , kotlc, krakie, sophie-foster. ... She slouched, feeling like she was back in her first day at Foxfire when Dame Alina flashed a giant spotlight right at her. “What?” she asked, when she caught Fitz and Keefe staring at her. His most famous prank was the Great Gulon Incident. thefluteelf said: Can you please draw Dame Alina(When she was principal), and, uh, (flipps through several books before remembering,) aha! Lady Galvin, and … No! Like “I’m sure Keefe won’t mind letting you join our skill lessons, though,” she suggested. He also pulls them on his abusive father, Lord Cassius. and now im missing the old days. "You want to prank Dame Alina!? sokeefe, kotlc. Every time he pranks someone, he uses something unique, including Gulons, reekrod, and muskog. “Technopathy is cool.” i started writing because of this fandom. We can't! He loves pranks. "Plans that don't involve tormenting Dame Alina," Fitz clarified. I like how we all still say "dame alina" instead of councillor. Just as Sophie has grown used to her new Elvin life, things managed to change drastically once again. Keefe was accused of putting an effluxer in the Elvin History classroom by Dame Alina and was given a weeks worth of detention. Lady Galvin then tells her what Mid Terms will be about, and Sophie asks Dex to help her study. Keefe told her it wasn't him—and it actually wasn't—but she didn't believe the boy who had been pranking her for years. Sencen, Vacker, Dizznee, Ruewen or Heks. Chapter 26: After turning herself in, Dame Alina ( The principal ) has her do almost 2 months of detention, she has to tell Lady Galvin who is strangely okay with it as long as she does not do it again. "But those are always the best plans!” ― Shannon Messenger, Everblaze. The first time Sophie pranked Dame Alina by herself wasn't until a month later. "Good morning, prodigies!" Change. Keefe: We have some questions Biana: Please awnser honestly Fitz: For quality results Fits snorted. 14 likes. Me: Welcome! “You’re being dumb,” Sophie told him.

dame alina kotlc

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