R1 - Given an unlimited of time in this room, can Kratos beat God of War? Gorr says. Speed. Kratos is voiced by a Black man, he wins by default if you also ignore every issue Gorr was in. round one Both of them at the top of their stories. R1:speed non equal R2:speed equal . Created by ValdimirPaler. But he had hope, hope in the gods. Boomstick: And Kratos, The Ghost of Sparta. BlotskyA Alien_X MrJaeger07 Isuck311 HulkMoMo Facundo2006 Kratos says while readying to fight. As a given to his by Laufey before she died, she gave him something that could ever rival Mjölnir. Gorr used it to kill the other god and went off to make a godless age with his new weapon, All-Black the Necrosword. Wiz: Gorr was just more versatile, more experienced, and could play the long game. Round 4: Assuming by "No weapons" you mean no All-black, in which case Kratos HILARIOUSLY stomps. But there the Leviathans ice magic would have no effects on the creatures that lived there. "Arrrg!" Wiz: My guess? Kratos looks around and grabs a tree trunk and lobes it at Gorr. He needed a weapon of fire. "AGGGRE!" Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This vindictive alien is basically a serial killer who only targets gods. He's an augmented Eternal. Stricken with grief over the death of his loved ones, Gorr gave up hope and believed there were no gods. Who will come out on top? "What do you mean boy?" tonpa Mafia. The first symbiote. As Atreus runs off Gorr speaks again. Gorr seems to be God Kryptonite. Right be for he can look, he is pulled to the ground with Gorr right about to impale him. Gorr The God Butcher wins! "I gave you a choice." Power. Created by 10earthquakes. He can cover it in ice to hit enemies in a small explosion, unleash an omnidirectional ice shockwave that freezes nearby enemies, fire a continuous beam of freezing energy, create large fields that inflict cold damage to anyone caught in it, and send forth a path of massive ice shards and summon a massive blizzard that damages surrounding enemies. Wiki. round twoBoth of them at their heights, Norse God Hunter Kratos and Gorr that fights the shit out of Old King Thor, Young Thor and proper Thor. Who will win in a fight between Gorr The God Butcher and Kratos? Wiz: But when his son was about to die, he was sent to Helheim to save him. But in the sky, he saw something. Is all Gorr can say before Kratos headbutt him, causing Gorr to go flying across the forest and slamming into the ground. Gorr walks out of the mountain and starts flying towards Kratos. He looks to find where Gorr is, and see him speeding towards him. Bonus fight: King Thor vs. Beerus. U may have a thing on that God Kryptonite. 4 wins (100%) Gorr The God Butcher Gorr: power stats. Wiz: With the Necrosword he was able to create a planet, cover a star in just a few seconds, was able to kill an unknown number of gods including Falligar the Behemoth, who is stated to have wrestled black holes for fun. Not in pain, but anger. The Way The Wrath and the Wonder. Killing almost all of the gods in the Greek pantheon. Many have more power than most people could ever think of. Boomstick: He got a shield that can block just about anything you throw at him. Kratos says without fear. Wiz: After killing Ares Kratos was giving the title of God of War. Before Gorr can ever react Kratos grabs him by the neck. Gorr yells as he flys downward towards Kratos. Gorr try's to get up but Kratos stops on his head causing the ground to start to crack around them. Even one of his berserkers can take on Thor by itself. "YOU KILL MY SON!" Kratos knows this is his chance. Boomstick: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. But they'd probably actually agree with each other and team up instead of fight. Wiz: He has beaten the titan Atlas, who is strong enough to hold up the world. With that in mind, here are a few beings Gorr could face that I could think of... KRATOS Here's the first match-up that comes to mind. Kratos has access to his full inventory; weapons and runes, etc, from the end of his journey, with the exception of Mímir. Right before Gorr can strike him, Kratos slams his axe into the ground causing an explosion of ice. "Well let's find out if you're the god of truth!" There's a reason Gorr is called "The God Butcher." Wiz. Posts: 4,294,967,295 Gorr the God Butcher vs Doomsday Sept 25, 2013 12:14:34 GMT "Atreus." He crushes Kratos before breakfast. Round 2: At his highest point, Gorr was able to beat King Thor (who 1v1's Galactus) Avengers Thor (who has done all manner of insane shit) and Young Thor (who defeated Apocalypse and all four of his hourseman solo). Spite thread against Kratos much? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Kratos cuts them down, but for every one of them he kills, two more take their place. Before he can finish his sentence the black berserkers are sent flying leaving Kratos standing, fists and eyes glowing. Right as Kratos hears that black tendrils shoot out of the mountain, covering it in less than a second. Still though normal 616 Thor has given Norrin a good fight plenty of times and Surfer has said on one occasion he wouldn't want to be Thor's enemy, course then that Asgard vs Galactus thing happened where Thor dented Surfer's skull. He was taught to trust in the gods, but they never answered his prayers. Can't wait for the final 2 issues on the arc and hopefully they'll finally shed some light on the origin of the black ooze. Gorr screams while lunging at Kratos. Boomstick: Gorr has lived a lot longer than Kratos, and he has also had way more gods to his killstreak. Fine." Wiz: Killing a god is no simple task. "No." He says almost laughing. Thor: The God Butcher is a 2029 superhero film, based on a Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. "Yes." Alias/Aka: Gorr, Gorr The God Butcher, Gorr The Redeemer . "You gods are all the same." If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. 3. Boomstick: So all you have to do is live long enough so that it can't get any blood? In a fit of rage Gorr began to yell at the god for not helping his people. I can fell it" Kratos says solemnly. Boomstick: Leviathan ain't your normal magic axe. "Nothing but brain dead berserkers that ARRG!" 0. Gorr versus the greek pantheon in GoW, start of arc Gorr would have a bit of trouble, but could probably take each god solo, working up from weakest to strongest. Boomstick: Ya, both of them have won fights with Gods that have shown to be light speed, and being able to keep up with the gods. Gorr The God Butcher wins! Kratos yells right before he punches Gorr in the face sending him flying into a mountain, splitting it right down the middle. He says, confused. Wiz: In this mode, Kratos is even more resistant to damage, and has a boost to the damage he does.

gorr the god butcher vs kratos

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