includes a capstone project, three on-campus intensives with your cohort, and one unique, 10-day international experience in Europe during the … This represents critical engagement between the Doctor of Education program, its students and the education community. Two written personal statements on the following topics: Purpose Statement- detailing why the applicant wishes to pursue this degree, EG 7323 - Governance, Decision-Making, & Communication, EG 7253 - Ethical Behavior in Education (3). Enter a journey that will help you become an effective educational leader and open doors of opportunity that allow you to be the change in education that is needed. Loans must be actively accepted in myLipscomb in order to be applied as an expected payment to the student bill. in... Contessa Sanders has served as an educational consultant in cities such as Detroit Mich., New Orleans La., Charlotte N.C., Fort Lauderdale Fla.. faculty, the doctoral committee, the university IRB, and the client educational organization for which the research is being conducted. Graduate Studies in Biomolecular Science Go to information for Graduate Studies in Biomolecular Science. Lipscomb University announces a doctorate of education beginning in fall 2010. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is tailored to prepare high caliber candidates to become successful educational leaders at the school, district or state level. The program framework will help you develop and organize your thoughts, values and convictions about the elements, craft, and practice of effective educational leadership. We offer a wide range of flexible schedules and locations, along with several online options, so that you don’t have to put your life on hold to continue your education. program and who possess personal qualities and professional experiences that suggest a strong potential for success as doctoral candidates and as leaders in public and private organizations and academic institutions. degree and how this will serve his or her future goals and aspirations. During the program, students will be asked about their research interests by the Doctor Research Coordinator. Admission to the Ed.D. Lipscomb offers some of the best academic programs in Tennessee and prepares you for the world’s fastest-growing careers. Over 90 percent of the students who have started the program have graduated or are continuing to progress toward graduation. Contact Us. Admission will be granted on a competitive basis. This is the first doctorate offered by Lipscomb’s College of Education. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Diversity and global perspectives in education The Doctor of Education program culminates with practical, collaborative dissertation research that addresses real questions in authentic settings for the purpose of informing educational practice. 6082 18. Graduate Studies in Business Go to information for Graduate Studies in Business. 615.966.6082 ext. Lipscomb University College of Education One University Park Drive Nashville, TN 37204. But Lipscomb may be the first university to use it for a degree program. Our programs are delivered completely online, with on-campus professional seminars, to fit with a working professional’s schedule. Due to our privacy policy, only current members can send messages to people on ResearchGate. Lipscomb University | 26,613 followers on LinkedIn. Both loans require credit approval by the Department of Education, as well as a FAFSA submission. Those seeking initial teaching licensure take a core that addresses the needs of beginning teachers, while those in advanced programs take a leadership core designed for the more experienced educator. A borrower must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment for at least six semester hours and must be working toward a degree or certificate. Attitudes and values in educational leadership Eligibility for these loans requires a credit check and students are often required to have a cosigner to qualify. is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education teaching classes for the Doctor of Education Program and Gifted Education graduate studies. A statement of purpose that explains why the student wishes to pursue an Ed.D. The dean reserves the final decision on any applicant. Learn essential facts about the program, including average student debt, average salary of grade specific ed … A reference from someone who has benefited from the candidate’s work; Written personal statements (replacements for the master’s personal statement), A statement describing the applicant’s faith and spiritual development, and. A personal interview conducted by a panel chosen by the College of Education. Plus, you’ll feel supported in a tight-knit learning community. Two other references from those detailed below: A reference from someone who can speak to the applicant’s character and work ethic, A reference from a colleague with whom the candidate has worked in a professional capacity for at least two years, or. Nashville, TN 37204. In addition to admission requirements for graduate studies in the College of Education, the Ed.D. Admission to the Ed.D. Note: transfer credit may not be applied toward the cognate. It is expressed through the acronym LEADERS: Emily Mofield, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership during the 2021 spring and summer semesters and will apply to the first two semesters of coursework.. Gain the knowledge of a real-world, applicable approach to leadership development through authentic learning experiences. Wiemers... Educational leadership positions in K-12 include instructional coaches, lead faculty, assistant principals, building principals, executive principals, a variety of district roles including superintendents, and a variety of roles in the state department of education. Study in a program that includes a focus on the intersection of faith and professional practice—from wherever you are. Skilled in Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development, and Public Speaking. in biomolecular science. Lipscomb offers a 20% ‘in-service scholarship’ to all full-time educators (K-12 or higher education). program at Lipscomb University, and was Founding Director of the program when it began in fall of 2010. NOTE: The on campus delivery of Lipscomb's Education Leadership programs will occur at the Nashville / Middle Tennessee campus of Lipscomb University. Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus. Reads . Any instances of substitution for existing requirements are noted. In addition to the federal loans outlined here, you may consider private loans made by banks and other financial institutions. One copy of this artifact should be brought to the interview for discussion: A project planned and implemented by the candidate. Strategic change in learning organizations. College of Education at Lipscomb University provides on-going educational opportunities to those students seeking advanced degrees. courses (15 credit hours) that are offered in a special section that focuses the curriculum upon the higher education sector. 615.966.5364 ext. $763 with in-service scholarship. from a university that encourages the examination of how faith and Christian values intersect with professional practice. Through Lipscomb’s year-round program, you will complete seven semesters that include a 15-month didactic phase and a 12-month clinical phase. Their job duties vary depending upon the role they fill. Whether your focus is leadership, technology, or behavior analysis, you’ll be trained in the latest research-based techniques and gain the field experience to put them into practice. programs consists of 15 hours of course work in leadership and an introduction to educational research. Each block is eight weeks, with one calendar year consisting of five blocks. Publications 2. An appropriate school employment official must certify that the conditions for the scholarship have been met. The program framework promotes consideration of global perspectives about culture and diversity that are important to effectiveness and success in educational leadership.
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